John Balance/ The Abrahadabra Letters

Collecting, in a din A4 hardback edition, the personal correspondence of Anthony Blokdijk with John Balance of Coil around the time of a planned but sadly never realized Coil release for Maldoror Den Haag. Scans of the original letters, including idiosyncratic decorative flourishes &c. 

Anthony Blokdijk/ Blauw

Anthony Blokdijk - Blauw. Over one hundred sketches made in the mid nineties. Hardcover, printing-on-demand. Price 20 Euro. Contact

Bouschet-Hilbert/ Aer *o* liths

Gast Bouschet & Nadine Hilbert, Aer*o*liths
made on the occassion of the eponymous installation/screening at Locatie Z

edition of 30 b/w xerography on 80 gsm paper

Vink/ Left Behind

Left Behind-Martin Vink

photographs of found photographs photographed in a found suitcase,
made on the occasion of the installation of this set during Baracca's Inside Job project

edition of 25, b/w xerography on 80 gsm paper